Robby Long

For 2014, I am doing Sports Portraits(Sportraits) and Sports Posters, not your typical Lifetouch photos, a more one on one, your personality as an athlete, football, basketball, lacrosse, let me capture you SI style, have that unigue photo to share with family and friends and have that pro look like you deserve... Checkout my Portrait gallery for examples


Spring sports have begun, Lacrosse, Softball, Football,I can cover it for you, 404-630-8190

Check my Facebook page often for updates on what crazy photo adventures I'm out on.

I'm still booking Senior Portraits, it's still early, you have all the way through spring to do a better session with me or book for Fall, fun, different, and you!!! Contact me for details, and athletes I also offer the new sports portraits as mentioned above..

Weddings are being booked for 2013 and 2014, I took a break to focus on other photography, but will be taking weddings starting right now, call 404-630-8190

Paper choice's for your prints
Sports: Glossy is your best bet, the colors really standout, it being an action shot, thats what you want, or lustre works well. For a really cool photo, try the Metallic paper, you'll love the effect it gives to your Sports Photos..
Wedding, Portraits etc.. Go with the Lustre

We are the Team of Robby and Sarina Long, Robby's Photography. We are located in Kennesaw Ga. We cover a diverse range of Photography, including Weddings, Portraits, Sports, Product Photography for Advertising, we can pretty much shoot it all, and with the highest of quality and service, with a one on one approach that the bigger photographers can't do..

Give us a call 404-630-8190 or 404-630-8185

Sportrait Posters
unframed 16x20 25.00
Framed 16x20 35.00
Contact for other sizes

Portrait Session $85.00 to $125.00 depending on location and includes a CD of Best Photos and an online gallery

Sports Action Shots $50.00 to $100.00 depending on location for event and includes a CD of Best Shots and total focus on your athlete or team. Also includes an online gallery

Sports Team and Individual Shots for teams e-mail or call for price(it will be cheaper than you think) Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, if it's a team shot you need, give us a call
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